About Us

LeDante Boler, Owner of LBEmpire Kennels, is a Small Elite Rare Color Bulldog Breeder. LeDante founded L.B.Empire Kennels in 2016 in Greensboro, NC. His love for animals led LeDante to breed rare color bulldogs which later turned into providing a number of different canine services including (but not limited to) canine reproductive and insemination services, canine testing, microchipping, and now an exclusive line of pet products.
When LeDante first started this program, his only passion was to love, care for and become an elite and exclusive rare color bulldog breeder. Through many trials and tribulations, LeDante was driven to become an expert on bulldogs from the inside out.
LeDante goes beyond outside appearance and takes a deeper look to see what is going on internally. This passion is what led to the conception of LB Empire Kennels. LB Empire Kennels' mission is to better the rare color bulldog breed and provide loving, healthy, and quality bulldogs, bulldog care, and bulldog kennels. 
 LeDante Boler owner of LB Empire Kennels pictured with Stacey Toro Hathaway
Pictured with LeDante (above right) is a Rottweiler puppy born out of a litter of 10 from a breeder program at Sanford Animal Hospital where he volunteered and worked with Infinity Canine LLC (a reproductive lab inside of S.A.H). While assisting with this c-section, 3 puppies were born but not yet breathing. After 45 minutes of working with this 1 puppy, we were just about to call it a casualty as we miraculously heard this baby pup cry out and receive her first breath of air. Being able to save this 1 puppy for this breeder (VHH Rottweiler) and the Reassurance from mentor Stacey Toro Hathaway (Owner Of Infinity K-9) really confirmed and boosted LeDante's confidence in helping other canine pet owners and breeders to go public with his services.
LB Empire Kennels now offers nationwide shipping on our line of heavy duty dog kennels, stackable dog cages, and more! We have everything you need in order to supply your kennel. We want to extend our deepest thanks to Stacey Hathaway for all she has done to make our program at LB Empire Kennels possible. Contact us today to learn more.